about me

My name is Cheenwêg. I’m a sarcastic young lady with tiny eyes and big dreams

Ever since I started studying Advanced Art & Design at LUCA School of Arts, I knew I could never be as passionate about something as I am about design. Even now, years after getting my degree, I’m always trying to improve my skills and broaden my horizon as a Visual Designer, so I don’t have to put myself in a box. In the end, using labels is outdated, isn’t it?

That curiosity and eagerness to learn led to several extremely fun challenges crossing my path. I kicked off my career with an internship at Mediamonks Amsterdam, where I was able to work for brands like Nike, Netflix, and Redbull. I improved my branding and food photography skills at agency and grew even more during my time as Art Director and Head of Design at WE LIKE YOU. Currently I’m working my design magic at King of Hearts, where I’m further developing my technical skills and conceptual thinking.

As I’m always hungry for more exciting projects, you can hire me as freelance designer as well. Are you interested in working with me?

I specialize in following areas:

✦ graphic design     ✦ branding

✦ animation              ✦ photography